Freedom Law

We offer various costs and funding options for our clients

Legal Costs in Family Law

Legal costs of pursuing your legal rights can be a daunting and confusing topic.

At Freedom Law, we make sure that you understand what legal costs are for and what they are likely to be.

First Consultation Free

Your first meeting with us, is on us.  This is so you can meet us, get to know us, and receive some preliminary advice about your situation to help you decide where you want to take things from there.

Fixed Fee

We pride ourselves upon being the “best value” law firm – our experience means we deliver outcomes more efficiently (less time, less cost) than other law firms.

The cost of your case depends upon:

  • how complex the issues are;
  • how long for and how far apart you and the other party are regarding what you each want to achieve regarding these issues.

Where possible, we will offer you a fixed fee quote for each stage of the work required for your case.

This quote will itemise all for the work we can reasonably foresee being required for the particular stage of your case.

Fixed fee quotes mean you know exactly what it costs and why, at all stages of your case.

In most property settlement cases we are able to offer deferred (at the end of your case) payment of our fees.  *Conditions apply.

Competitive hourly rates

We quote you a rate that is relative to what you can afford and the kind of case you have.

We are pleased to be one of the very few firms available which offers various funding options for our clients.

Legal Aid

This is available for clients who meet the means and merit criteria of the Legal Aid Office.


Private Clients

For clients who aren’t eligible for Legal Aid and meet our guidelines, we offer Pay At End (“PAE”) or Pay As You Go (“PAYG”).
We also offer a choice of rates for approved clients: fixed fee or hourly rate.