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Freedom Law

Freedom Law

Freedom Law commenced as Freedom Family Law in 2004, a family law firm specialising in Family Law – a federal law that applies across Australia.

National and International

Freedom Law represents clients with family law problems arising from separation, relationship and marriage breakdown from all over the country as well as internationally in all Australian courts exercising family law jurisdiction.

Exceptional Service

Separation, relationship and marriage breakdown, and other family law problems are the most stressful events in a person’s life, because they affect the things we all hold dearest – our children and our financial future. Freedom Law is very different from other firms because we treat our clients as people, not cases. Our goal is to minimise the stress and anxiety surrounding family law problems with fast and cost-effective solutions so that our clients can move forward quickly, cleanly and positively. We are industry leaders when it comes to knowledge of family law and its application and our response and turn-around times are second to none.

Cost and Time Effective

What makes us different to other family law firms is that we deliver “best value”.

By “best value”, we mean we focus on achieving your goals as efficiently as possible.

We don’t believe in “war by correspondence”.

We believe in working out what the issues are and creating solutions, not problems.

Suzanne Stannett

Our firm is lead by Suzanne Stannett, CEO, Accredited Family Law Specialist, Family Lawyer.

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