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Here are just some examples of the issues we provide strategies and solutions:

• When can I apply for spousal maintenance?
• How can I avoid paying spousal maintenance?
• Are assets split 50/50 in a divorce?
• How are investments divided in a divorce?
• What are normal custody arrangements?
• How long does supervised visitation usually last?
• What happens if I move out during a divorce?
• Can I move out before I get divorced?
• What happens if I was unfaithful?
• What happens if I was the income earner?
• What is a domestic violence order?
• What is an ouster order?
• What is a sole occupancy order?
• Will I get child support?
• How can I avoid paying child support?
• Do I have to pay the mortgage if we separated?
• What is a property settlement?
• Does a parenting plan override a court order?
• What is Legal Aid?
• What is a family report?
• What is the Comcourts portal?
• What is an ICL?
• What is a binding financial agreement?
• What is a consent order?
• What is a binding child support agreement?
• What is a contravention?
• Will I get a litigation funding order?
• Will I get a recovery order?
• Who can apply for a recovery order?
• Can I “freeze” bank accounts?
• Can I change parenting orders?
• How do I put my child on the watch list?
• What are my rights as a grandparent?
• How do I apply for a divorce?
• What is Rice and Asplunde?
• What is a litigation funding order?
• What is a dollar for dollar order?

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